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Have you been craving a natural solution that's simple and effective?

We'd love to spOIL you this summer!  

This is a special collaboration and customer benefit conceived for your by Laura and Fran. 

Laura would like to say thank you and show you that she appreciates your trust and values your purchases as a small business owner and wanted to provide you with a little extra fun bonus for summer!  We have a common goal of wanting to be a resource for healthy, local products for our clients and so the collaboration was born.  Laura has arranged a very special spOILed package just for you and you get to choose what will help YOU most. 

Select what you're interested in or what would be helpful in your household to receive this care package.  We have packages available in three different themes based on the most common questions Laura receives ...

       *  poor sleep and or time management challenges
       *  stress, anxiety, or emotional health support
       *  digestive issues (eg. nausea, heart burn, constipation, bloating, gas, food sensitivities)

This care package is free to you, no strings attached.  We want to thank you for your loyalty and support and intend that this program inspires and supports you this summer to celebrate the art of simple, beautiful, natural living.  

Please fill out the following quick questionnaire and we'll arrange delivery of your care package right away! 

Delivery of the first care packages will start Saturday, June 25th so fill out the form before Thursday, July 23rd at 8pm to receive your package in time for Canada Day! 


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spOIL me for Summer Pkg please

Please take a moment to fill out the info below.

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and Laura 

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