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Starter kits are the best initial and long-term value.  You receive a complementary doTERRA membership ($42 & provides you with 25% off for any additional purchases for a year) + a significant discount on the bundled products.  I'll add a bottle of wild orange essential oil and a customized Welcome Bag  with your wellness consultation to review your purchases and learn how to use them effectively and safely.  Let's look at some of our most popular options. 

If you're interested in an individual oil, let's connect and find the best purchasing options.
Here are some of my favorite starter kits with the online essential oil shop.   I'd be happy to consult with you to find the best solutions for your needs.  

This is the perfect kit for you if are dealing with health issues like poor sleep, pain, digestive complaints, or immune system support with the additional value of 15mL bottles. 

I recommend this kit if you're primarily curious about diffusing, air quality issues, or wanting to replace candles with a natural alternative. 

This is a sweet little starter kit with 5 mL bottles of oil and a smaller diffuser perfect for the bedroom and a great start for sleep, stress and addressing 85% of common family health issues.

We can also customize a starter collection for you.  If you have specific concerns or interests, let's connect to find the best path forward.  

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