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You're here because you feel capable and deserving of more.  Perhaps you've always had the entrepreneurial bug or perhaps this is something recently ignited.  There are three levels of partnership within doTERRA's generous business model and profit sharing.    

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Oil Enthusiast

You naturally help people and find yourself chatting about your oil experiences.  You have a few extra hours a week and are interested in what we call free natural healthcare or paying for your own essential oils and products.   


Oil Hobbyist

You are excited to talk about essential oils, are inspired by doTERRA's global stewardship and mission, and wish to supplement your income with 5 or so hours per week.  

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Oil Magnate

You're a total convert, using doTERRA's entire product line, proud to contribute to doTERRA's mission, and yearn for the freedom and potential of replacing a full-time income and pursuing a partnership with at least 25 hrs per week.  


Social Impact 

One of the most enjoyable benefits of achieving within doTERRA is the ability to resource projects that are meaningful to you.  I'm excited to be soon able to address food security projects in my community this year thanks to my doTERRA income and the Helping Hands Foundation Canada. 


Learn a little more about what a partnership with Fran and doTERRA looks like. 

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