Yarrow for the invincibility of Achilles

In ancient Greece, Achilles, warrior-son of Aphrodite, was said to have been dipped in a pool of yarrow essential oil at his birth and from this botanical bath drew his mythical strength and invincibility. There are seeds of truth in this myth. Yarrow shepherd’s us energetically from feeling powerless or invaded to shielded and grounded. Yarrow has one of the highest frequencies of any substance on earth making it an ideal support for physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience. All living things vibrate at particular frequencies. The higher the vibration the healthier the organism so when we are sick and depressed are vibration is lower and we can use higher vibrational substances to "boost" our own frequency. The high vibration of yarrow can be attributed to a rare biochemical, chamazulene, that also gives the pure oil its deep, rich, almost indigo color. This gorgeous color and complex make-up imbue the oil with antiviral and regenerative properties.

The flowers of yarrow resemble Queen Anne’s lace and it is helpful to the endocrine system, supporting a balancing of hormones and metabolism. Modern research tells us that yarrow essential oil is 40x more potent than the dried flowers and can be supportive of healing wounds and scars as well as acne and sun-damage skin including age spots. We also know that yarrow is supportive of normalizing blood pressure due to its antihemorrhagic qualities.

Caution should be used when using this oil with young children and pregnant women and as the oil is such a stunning blue, it can stain lighter, synthetic fabrics.

Everyone else can love on themselves with the natural benefits of yarrow in a myriad of ways:

  • Diffusing a few drops in the classroom, at work, or at home for a slightly herbal-floral aroma that combats depression and anxiety as well as fights free-radicals in the environment

  • Apply to the skin directly or dilute for sensitive skin to reduce occurrences of acne breakouts, eczema patches, and to reduce the pain of varicose veins

  • I like to apply the undiluted oil over my forehead and heart and take two drops in a capsule twice a day to support my endocrine & cardiovascular system

As with all quality essential oils, small frequent consistent daily experiences are best.

Until next time, my friends, take time to breathe it all in today!

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