Stocking Stuffer Buy One, Get One Sale starts Dec 6th while supplies last

Ok, so it's normal to get excited when you see a copper tongue scraper and onGuard on sale, right? He he ! I really LOVE intentional, helpful, fun gifting and who doesn't want to save a little more, right? Here we go my friends, a beautiful BOGO out of the US warehouse starting Mon, Dec 6th while supplies last. You can order up to 5 of any one stocking stuffer / bundle /BOGO and remember, as a #Canadian member we DO NOT pay taxes on US warehouse orders so there's also that savings!

We'll start with the #BOGOs

For the Kids on your list ... these are great stocking stuffers and support for those struggling with focus while the Rescuer blend is a lovely blend of spearmint for growing pains ...

Buy Thinker® Focus Blend and get Rescuer™ Soothing Blend for free!

Thinker SKU 60206633

Wholesale $16 | 16 PV

Retail $21.33

Rescuer wholesale value $15


Buy Peppermint 15mL and get #Bergamot Mint 15mL for free!

Peppermint SKU 30190001

Wholesale $22 | 22 PV

Retail $29.33

Bergamot Mint wholesale value $17

Festive Favorites Stocking Stuffers

Beauty Bundle: Yarrow|Pom Capsules & Brightening Gel - YIPPPEEEE winter skincare !

SKU 60221087

Wholesale: $65.00 | 55 PV

Retail $86.67

Wholesale Bundle Savings $16

Oral Care Bundle: On Guard Mouthwash 100mL, #OnGuard+ Beadlets, On Guard

Dental Floss, and copper tongue scraper

SKU 60221086

Wholesale $25 | 15 PV

Retail $33.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $4.25

Sweet Dreams Bundle: Mini Serenity Bath Oil, Mini Serenity Body Butter, and Serenity

Restful Blend 5mL

SKU 60221085

Wholesale $16 | 10 PV

Retail $21.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $8.50