Stocking Stuffer Buy One, Get One Sale starts Dec 6th while supplies last

Ok, so it's normal to get excited when you see a copper tongue scraper and onGuard on sale, right? He he ! I really LOVE intentional, helpful, fun gifting and who doesn't want to save a little more, right? Here we go my friends, a beautiful BOGO out of the US warehouse starting Mon, Dec 6th while supplies last. You can order up to 5 of any one stocking stuffer / bundle /BOGO and remember, as a #Canadian member we DO NOT pay taxes on US warehouse orders so there's also that savings!

We'll start with the #BOGOs

For the Kids on your list ... these are great stocking stuffers and support for those struggling with focus while the Rescuer blend is a lovely blend of spearmint for growing pains ...

Buy Thinker® Focus Blend and get Rescuer™ Soothing Blend for free!

Thinker SKU 60206633

Wholesale $16 | 16 PV

Retail $21.33

Rescuer wholesale value $15


Buy Peppermint 15mL and get #Bergamot Mint 15mL for free!

Peppermint SKU 30190001

Wholesale $22 | 22 PV

Retail $29.33

Bergamot Mint wholesale value $17

Festive Favorites Stocking Stuffers

Beauty Bundle: Yarrow|Pom Capsules & Brightening Gel - YIPPPEEEE winter skincare !

SKU 60221087

Wholesale: $65.00 | 55 PV

Retail $86.67

Wholesale Bundle Savings $16

Oral Care Bundle: On Guard Mouthwash 100mL, #OnGuard+ Beadlets, On Guard

Dental Floss, and copper tongue scraper

SKU 60221086

Wholesale $25 | 15 PV

Retail $33.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $4.25

Sweet Dreams Bundle: Mini Serenity Bath Oil, Mini Serenity Body Butter, and Serenity

Restful Blend 5mL

SKU 60221085

Wholesale $16 | 10 PV

Retail $21.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $8.50

dо̄TERRA Balance Bundle - perfect stocking stuffer add-ons & great size for your purse

3-Pack 5mL Bottles

SKU 60221084

Wholesale $22 | 20 PV

Retail $29.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $6.50

Northern Escape Bundle - great by your diffusers or in the car with your Pilot diffuser

3-Pack 5mL Bottles

SKU 60221082

Wholesale $28 | 26 PV

Retail $37.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $9.50

dо̄TERRA On Guard Sanitizing Mist 5-Pack Bundle - go natural & protect your hands

SKU 60219991

Wholesale $25 | 20 PV

Retail $33.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $7.50

Scents of the Season

Don't forget these beauties while you're shopping in the US warehouse

  • Ylang Ylang, the cool and frosty winter flower is 10% off

  • Holiday Peace blend with frankincense, siberian fir, vetiver & grapefruit oils (MY FAV!)

  • Holiday Peace linen spray

  • Sol #5 Brazilian-inspired aroma blend Spray + Body Lotion

  • onGuard zinc + vit C lozenges

  • Deep Blue + Copaiba Stick for natural pain management of arthritis, muscle soreness

  • Hygge cozy blend + Flicking light Diffuser bundle

  • abode Home Cleaning product line with amber glass bottles and Citrus Bloom Hand lotion

  • Sweet Holiday Baking Spice & cookie cutter set ... the Spiced Apple Gallette is pictured below and here's your virtual Cookbook for Baking Spice blend recipes

eBook Holiday Baking Blend Cookbook_US (1)
Download PDF • 26.12MB
  • Midnight Forest Body Wash & Shave lotion (I'm using this RIGHT now ... yummm!)

  • Adaptiv, Balance, and Northern Escape Beard Oils (30mL) ... he's smelling FINE!

As always, let me know if you need assistance selecting the right solutions for your needs or placing your order for the best value. Members, don't forget to use your points and place your order as an LRP for EVEN more free oils and products.

Happy shopping!

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