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Must have oils and how to use them for Spring

Ahh, spring. Not too hot, not too cold—all you need is a light jacket. It’s time to pack away coats and boots, swap scarves for sunglasses, and break out the springiest essential oils. These bright ideas are a great way to bring the fresh feeling of warmer weather into your home!

1. Craft your own diffuser blends. If you’ve been diffusing single oils or using recipes from others, it may be time to take your oil know-how to the next level and dabble in creating your own exclusive scents. This blog has all the details on how to create your very own signature diffuser blend. 2. Whisk essential oils into your cookery. You can start simple by adding a few drops of flavor into your water (my favs are tangerine, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and bergamot in my black tea) or check out our Facebook page for tons of essential-oil infused recipes that will leave your mouth watering.

3. Drop some glow into your skin care routine. Add drops of essential oil to your favorite skin care products to boost their benefits and achieve a fresh-looking face. A few of our skin care go-tos are Blue Tansy, Copaiba, Frankincense, and Geranium.

4. Fill your whole home with heavenly scents. Diffusers are great for adding enticing aromas to certain rooms, but adding 8–10 drops of essential oil to your furnace filter or putting cotton balls with drops of your favorite scent in your ducts will infuse your entire home with inviting smells. 5. Share your love of oils with little ones. Make every activity with your kids an adventure in aromatherapy by making essential oil-infused finger paints, magical-smelling moon sand, DIY slime, or washable bath crayons. You can even use essential oils to improve the odor of play dough and other not-so-good-smelling kid projects.

6. Keep up on your plant-based cleaning. Make your home shine and avoid using harsh chemicals by introducing essential oils into your cleaning routines. Create a DIY all-purpose cleaner or use individual oils to tackle tough projects.

7. Try your hand at a new DIY. Almost any commercial product you use in your home can be replaced with an essential oil DIY. From hair masks to bath melts, linen sprays to counter cleaners, the DIY options for essential oils are endless. 8. Deodorize funky-smelling fridges. Banish unpleasant fridge odors by adding drops of a freshly scented oil to a box of baking soda and placing it on the shelf. Some of our favorite choices are Lemon, Citrus Bliss, and Lime.

Have you tried these ideas and are hungry for more? Check out all the FABULOUS tutorial videos created especially for you on the members only pages including The Art & Science of Blending, Essential Pups, DIYs for Spring Cleaning, and more!

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