Rosemary-mint natural hand sanitizer spray

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Try this simple recipe that is gentle on the hands and FAR more cost effective along with reducing the plastic bottles necessary when we continually re-purchase.

Do you love rosemary in your French Onion Soup?

I love rosemary for the Fall season for a myriad of reasons. It is AMAZING in soups, it's brilliant in the diffuser ... whafting aromas that keep me alert on cool Fall afternoons, and it's also a powerful air cleanser helping to naturally protect me from seasonal threats.

This common garden herb was used in ancient times to drive away evil spirits. Rosemary essential oil is the oil of knowledge and transition and this makes it the perfect companion to your natural health routine in September. It assists in the development of true knowledge and intellect and is particularly supportive in times of change. It provides a feeling of confidence and helps create perspective rooted in the truth of understanding.

Rosemary’s biochemistry is rich in linalool which gives it analgesic, stimulant, and neuro-protective properties. Rosemary is a favorite go-to with lemon for memory support, respiratory clearing, adrenal fatigue, and even jet lag. People with epilepsy, high blood pressure, or who are expecting should be cautioned against high use of rosemary oil.

Everyone else can enjoy rosemary oil

· In place of the fresh herb in your favorite soup, bread dipper, or salad dressing recipes

· Inhaled straight from the bottle for a mid-afternoon natural mental energizer

· Diffuse 2 drops of rosemary, lemon, and bergamot to be more teachable and focused

· Apply 1-3 drops diluted in 5 mL of coconut oil to the nape of the neck, forehead, and behind the ears to calm nervousness or even support depression.

I like to apply a drop to my shampoo for a healthier scalp and a gorgeous aroma in the shower. Rosemary has also been shown to nearly as effective as Rogaine to support hair regrowth without the harsh chemicals and without the high price-tag.

To make your own gorgeous rosemary-mint Natural Hand Cleansing Spray combine

5 tbsp aloe vera gel

2/3 cup of water

1/4 tsp vitamin E

2/3 cup 70% or better isopropyl alcohol

12 drops doterra oils (6 drops rosemary + 4 drops spearmint + 2 drops tea tree)

Mix this all together in a 330 mL re-purposed glass Perrier bottle capped with a spray top or divide among smaller bottle for purse-sized versions. Shake slightly before each use. spray 2-3 times on hands and rub lightly for 10 seconds. This makes a wonderful refresher for your mask.

Keep living well, my friends!

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