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Tea tree in the battle against lice

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Yes, it's back to school and with it comes back to lice patrol for many homes. Let's find out why tea tree has become such a natural staple for your Fall health routine.

Melaleuca, also know as Tea Tree, is the PERFECT precursor to your Fall schedule. It is the oil of energetic boundaries and so we can enjoy this oil to not only help protect us from seasonal threats like colds and lice but also to support us emotionally in anticipation of a difficult conversation or to support the user to cleanse and let go of lingering resentment. It clears negative baggage and more specifically, it helps release codependent and parasitic relationships. Tea tree encourages an individual to connect to people and all beings, including themselves, in ways that honor and respect one’s personal space, needs, and boundaries.

Because Tea Tree oil has an herbaceous, green aroma, it blends well with other invigorating and refreshing essential oils like Peppermint, Eucalyptus, or Lemon. When you want a fresh, green, revitalizing diffuser blend, make sure to add Tea Tree oil to the mix.

Many of us know how effective pure tea tree oil is as an antiseptic and antibacterial oil as it's use in skincare products and cleaning products have increased exponentially. Originating in Australia, Australian Aborigines used tea tree for centuries, often crushing leaves in their hands to release the aromatic compounds and inhaling for relieve from colds.

A high-quality tea tree essential oil is safe to use neat (undiluted) for everyone. A caution, however, to not apply tea tree oil topically to cats and dogs. Everyone else can enjoy melaleuca at home, school, or work by

· Diffusing a few drops alone or inhaling a drop or two from the hands to clean the hands as well as for emotional support to move from feeling unsure to collected

· Applying a drop or two topically to the affected area cleanses wounds and cuts, treats acne, cankers, and cold sores and is helpful to avoid dandruff, scabies, athlete’s foot, and lice

· Applying over the throat and bottom of the feet to soothe bronchitis, colds, and flu

· Create a natural and effective yoga mat cleaner by adding 5 drops each of tea tree and 5 drops of lavender in a 250mL glass bottle with water and a splash of witch hazel for a clean, fresh, energetically charged mat

· I like to inhale a drop from my hands before practice to help let go of what I don’t need.

As always, I only use doTERRA essential oils for their years of experience and testing transparency, their dedication to stewardship of the planet and support for farmers and distillers which results in a higher quality oil that is consistent from one bottle to the next. This artistry allows for the small, frequent, daily experiences necessary when approaching our health naturally and holistically yielding for optimal results.

I hope you continue to Pursue What’s Pure!

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