Green Spring Cleaning Challenge

Updated: Mar 17

We're making over our cleaning cabinets with simple, effective, multi-tasking DIYs.

Join in all the fun with this year's Green Spring Cleaning Challenge 2021 at Essential Cleaning on Facebook. Everything starts on March 19th with opportunities to win prizes, participate in Challenges for even more opportunities to win and LOTS more recipes, tips, hacks, and insights into how to go green with your cleaning routine!

I have to admit, perhaps like you, I don't LOVE cleaning. I didn't really start enjoying it until I incorporated doTERRA essential oils into my routine creating elixirs of fresh, clean aromas that left me feeling very satisfied with my efforts. Some may like the end result of their cleaning efforts to be no aromas at all but my preference is to also clean the air in my home, where I'm spending the most amount of time now, so using essential oils and diffusing a blend throughout the house is part of my cleaning routine.

This blend is SOO simple with two oils, wild orange being my absolute favorite; the oil of abundance and just such a fresh, crisp smell that is guaranteed to boost my mood and elevate my thoughts.

I love that I can clean my entire home with my homemade cleaners without adding bottle to the landfill, without washing chemicals down the drain, and without adding anything synthetic to our bodies and minds. My pup had surgery in January so we're spending even more time indoors so it's even more important to me to be mindful of what we're breathing in, applying to our skin, and cleaning our home with.

Diffusing is just such a simple little ritual to add to your day that supports our overall health by creating the best environment for breathing. Anything you breathe in is affecting your brain chemistry within 20 seconds so you'll definitely reap the rewards of examining what's in your air. Perfumes and artificial scents are the next second hand smoke. Adding a diffuser adds helpful negative ions into the air through the added water providing a balm to the positive ions we're bombarded with daily through electronic screens including smart phones, computers, TVs, and more.

In rooms where diffusing just isn't practical like bathrooms or closets, try a room spray without the harsh chemicals that disrupt hormones and create brain fog. Using essential oils allows you to be creative with your aroma AND discourage bacteria, germs, microbes, and fungus.

Here's something I want you to notice ... how many ingredients are in this spray? Do you recognize the names of them. There is great beauty in this simplicity and confidence in knowing what's in your environment.

See what happens with two well known essential oils, tea tree and oregano.

Starting with the air in your home can have a profound effect on your mood and overall health. I hope you join us for the Green Spring Cleaning Challenge and until next time, I hope you're taking time to breathe it all in, today.

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