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Diffusing and Diffusers: A Primer to Help Get You Started

Updated: Jan 22

Benefits of diffusing

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful connections to our environment and how we gather information about our surroundings and how we should feel. Within 20 seconds of inhaling anything, your brain chemistry is affected and within 20 minutes, particles of the substance you inhaled can be found in almost every cell of your body. It's miraculous! Your body contains over 1,000 receptors for smell—more receptors than for any other sense so you can put it to work for your overall health benefit easily and quickly.

Because of the intricate and fast communication from our nose to our brain, our sense of smell is highly linked to memory and emotions. You've probably smelled apple pie or the perfume of a partner and been instantly transported back into the memory and emotion of that experience.

Oil diffusers with cool water vapor have both physical and emotional benefits, such as neutralizing airborne pathogens, supporting our respiratory system, quieting and sedating our nervous system, and triggering positive emotional states.

Ultrasonic diffusers also add beneficial moisture and negative ions to our home air. Electronic devices like TVs, computers, and cell phones emit positive ions and radiation that negatively impact our health. Diffusers combat this impact by releasing negative ions through the water vapor for positive health benefits. Negative ions are found in nature in abundance around waterfalls and Blue Zones.

Diffusing is an easy, convenient way to enjoy the aromatic benefits of pure essential oils. Because diffusing adds moisture and negative ions to the air we're breathing in addition to the health benefits of the essential oils you select, it's a very simple way to significantly change the quality of your air. The benefits of #diffusing can linger in the air for up to 7 hrs after you stop diffusing so it's a powerful and efficient way to shift energy in the home.

Let's look at a few of the doTERRA diffusers, features, and reviews to help you make the best choice for your diffusing needs.

What are some different types of diffusers?

Each diffuser has its own unique method for getting essential oils into the air so you can utilize their therapeutic benefits.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

This popular type of diffuser uses water and electronic frequencies to create a fine mist from the essential oil and water. Ultrasonic vibrations are created by a small disk under the surface of the water which causes the essential oil and water to break up into tiny particles to float in the air.

  • Pros: Use small amount of essential oil. No heat. Little noise

  • Considerations: Only a small fraction of the mist is essential oil

Evaporative or Passive Diffusers and Jewelry

Evaporative diffusion uses air flow to spread the scent of the essential oils into the area

A fan blows air through a filter or oil is placed on a lava beads or a stone surface to passively evaporate.

  • Pros: Quiet, usually smaller foot-print, very portable, aroma can be very discreet, and use not limited by the need to be plugged in

  • Considerations: Less therapeutic and less intense aroma because the lighter essential oil components evaporate first, while the heavier components evaporate last.

Types of diffusers sold by doTERRA

doTERRA sells a variety of diffusers that can delivery the full aromatic and therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.

  • Ultrasonic Diffusers

  • Humidifiers

  • Limited time offers of jewelry, stone diffuser disks, and clip with filter

doTERRA Essential Oil Diffuser Features & Reviews

doTERRA sells high quality ultrasonic diffusers. Great for the home, bedroom, office and even on the go. Depending upon the country you live in, you may have access to more or fewer of the following diffusers. Let's take a peak at the features and help you make your best decision for your needs.

Pilot Diffuser

Features: Portable, rechargeable and made from eco-friendly materials

Coverage: 250 sq. ft. Run Time: 4 hours continuous; 8 hours intermittent

Includes: Dual-port USB 2A car adapter and carrying case. Comes in light or charcoal gray.

Retail Price: $64.00 CA Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 Comments: Portable and light weight, easy to carry around in the provide bag which also includes extra space for your oils. Does not perform as well with very bumpy rides in moving cars/ATVs, can spill. Needs to be on a non-moving surface.

This is the diffuser I personally have at my desk beside me during the day and I appreciate how small it is, how easy it is to clean, and that I can simply recharge and move it if I need more desk space to work.

Petal 2.0 Diffuser

Features: Version 2.0, multiple settings and beautiful design

Coverage: 330 sq. ft. Run Time: 2 and 6 hours continuous; 12 hours intermittent

Includes: Optional night light Retail Price: $80.33 CA including 5mL wild orange + 5 mL lavender essential oils. Customer Reviews: 4.9 out of 5

Comments: This diffuser has been around since the beginning of doTERRA and was upgraded in 2019 with an intermittent feature and neutral base color. This diffuser is time tested and one of the most popular diffusers doTERRA produces and is included in the Home Essentials starter kit.

I really appreciate the base color + texture upgrade that's also easy to clean. It's a lovely option for a bedroom or nursery with the soft light and run-time features and I've gifted one to a few new #moms to rave reviews.

Lumo Diffuser

I really feel it's worth mentioning the Lumo diffuser as it's been by my bedside for almost 3 yrs now. It has a beautiful, real maple wood base. It's super easy to clean, offers multiple light features and time settings and when purchased in the Dream bundle is a great value for those seeking to create a restful atmosphere.

Features: Customizable output: 2 or 5 hours continuous preset or 10 hours intermittent preset (5 min. on/5 min. off). Ultrasonic technology. Seven lighting color options

Coverage: up to 540 square feet Retail Price: $119.67 CA including a 15mL bottle of #Serenity blend to create the Lumo Dream Collection.

*Customer Review data not available to the time of publishing.

Roam Diffuser

Features: With its powerful built-in rechargeable battery and charging dock, the doTERRA Roam Diffuser brings you a truly unique, wireless and #portablediffuser

aromatic experience responsibly created with natural stone for beauty and durability.

Coverage: 270 sq. ft. Run Time: Adapter powered 5 to 10 hours. Battery powered 4 to 8 hours Retail Price: $95.33 CA Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5

Comments: Because of the beautiful stone lid, this diffuser does have some heft to it. Two hands needed to remove the lid. The lid can be a little tricky to remove because a gasket helps to keep it secure and spill-free as it is moved around. The gasket can be remove if desired for easier lid removal. Fitting the diffuser properly on the charging dock takes a bit of practice.

This is the diffuser I have stationed at my morning table to start the day with meditation or journaling and I really appreciate the durability, color, and beauty of the stone. I've dropped it several times on ceramic tile and it has not ceased to function. The Roam diffuser may be a better choice for those of us with pets and/or children as the weight tends to keep it upright without spilling ;)

The most recent and exciting additions to the doTERRA diffusing family are the Roam, Laluz, and Dawn Humidifying diffuser. We've already talked about the Roam so let's jump into the Laluz.

Laluz Diffuser

Features: Sleek design, high mist output, timer setting Coverage: 330 sq. ft.

Run Time: 4 - 8 hours continuous, 1-4 hours timer Type: Ultrasonic Light: Dim and bright warm and lavender light options Retail Price: $77.33 Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 Comments: Because of its sleek design, it's easy to carry and operate with one hand. Very durable and elegant with frosted glass top. Multiple options and tranquil glow while operating quietly. Smaller footprint makes this a great diffuser for any room or for those wishing to #ditchtoxins and chemical plug-ins, rooms sprays, and synthetic candle scents.

Dawn Humidifying Diffuser

Features: Its smart sleep mode and helps maintains ideal humidity levels through the chosen time period. Nearly silent. Auto shut-off Coverage: 720 sq. ft. Run Time: 7 - 22 hours depending on mist mode low/medium/high humidifying settings

Light: No light options Retail Price: $99.33

Customer Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 Comments: doTERRA's first humidifier, designed to create the ultimate level of comfort in any room. Very easy to use, light weight and very durable. Extremely easy to refill, operate and clean. Operates very quietly, you hardly notice it. Covers a large area and automatically adjust during sleep mode to make sure you get the most comfortable levels of humidity. Super easy to clean and attractive dual purpose solution.

I keep the Dawn humidifier in our living room to balance the drying effect of the heat pump and provide the room coverage we wanted to create. It's really easy to clean without the heat that destroys the benefits of essential oils and has been an interesting support to our plants in the living room, too!

How to Diffuse Essential Oils

I believe the best way to diffuse is ultrasonic (water) diffusion. As we've mentioned, heating oils to diffuse them alters their delicate chemistry and changes the aromatics so it's the safer option for most homes and needs, too.

Ultrasonic (water) diffuser

  1. Put cool tap water to the fill line

  2. Add 3 - 4 drops of essential oils to the water

  3. Choose the time setting you desire and let it run

Diffuser Blends

Try some of these popular diffuser blends from my recent ebook, Aroma, or have some fun blending and creating your own delicious combinations.

Aroma Diffuser Blends with dōTERRA Essential Oils
Download PDF • 1.64MB

I hope you have found these comparisons useful and that you continue to explore how fun it is to celebrate the art of simple, beautiful, natural living. Until next time!

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