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Cool and Simple Natural Treats for Hot Days

Pictured are the Peaches n Cream Pops with #lemonoil

Nothing beats summer heat like a cool, refreshing frozen treat. Skip the store-bought sugary desserts and try these recipes for easy, natural freezer pops that the kids can make themselves or that you can customize to your own tastes. The natural sweetness of coconut cream and fresh fruit makes these creations taste delicious and indulgent, without weighing you down. Both recipes also incorporate lemon oil which adds a fresh flavor and can help aid in digestion when taken internally.

These healthy treats will be the talk of the neighborhood and are the perfect solution for that sweet tooth using peaches that are coming into their best flavor season now in Canada.

Peaches & Cream version


5 ounces coconut milk

2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

12 ounces fresh or frozen peaches

2 ounces cream

⅓ cup water

1–2 drops Lemon oil


To make cream, blend together coconut milk, 1 tablespoon honey, and vanilla extract and set aside. Next, blend frozen peaches, cream, water and lemon oil together until smooth. Alternate filling mold with cream and peach mixture until full. Freeze for about one hour while wooden sticks soak in water. Remove from freezer and add sticks. Freeze for 2 additional hours and enjoy.

Coconut Chocolate Chip version


3 bananas

1 ½ cup coconut cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1–2 drops Lemon oil

Handful of cacao nibs or natural chocolate chips


Blend bananas, coconut cream, vanilla extract, and Lemon oil until smooth. Place a few chocolate chips into empty molds. Add a small amount of cream mixture. Sprinkle more chocolate chips. Repeat this pattern until molds are full to distribute chocolate chips evenly. Freeze for 1 hour while wooden sticks are soaking in water. Remove from freezer and add sticks. Freeze for 2 additional hours and enjoy.

Other fun flavor combinations that would come together quickly and would be fun to try could include coconut cream + #limeoil, raspberries + coconut cream + #spearmintoil, or even fresh oranges + coconut cream + a couple drops of #onGuard blend for that orange-cinnamon flavor that also supports your immune system.

Which one will be your favorite? Explore different combos and let us know what new decadent combo you discover.

Until next time, I hope you're having a beautiful summer!

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