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Cleaning Made Easy ... low tox living

I'm known for my love of DIY projects with essential oils and particularly around home cleaning products that save time, bottles, money, and exposure to toxic chemicals that have been shown to contribute to cancer, hormone disruption, poor mental health, and more.

Today I'd like to share with you my favorite solutions to help you make over your cleaning cabinet. These are simple, highly cost-effective, recycle or up-cycle bottles so reduce or eliminate waste, and use common ingredients so should be readily accessible to us all.

With these gorgeous aromas, cleaning is going to become your favorite thing to do.

Upcycle your Jones Soda or Perrier bottles by adding a spray top. Glass or aluminum bottles work best when working with pure essential oils.

Grab your doTERRA essential oils and some baking soda, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol and you can take care of a lot of messes in the home that will be safe for babies and pets on the floor. Citrus oils are tremendous for breaking down goo really effectively so if you're not getting the results you need, add a couple drops of lemon oil. This could include laundry stains, diffusing to get odors out of the air, on tough bathroom stains, or to get grease or adhesives out of drain pipes or fabric safely.

This Pick Me Up Spray makes a great spray for bathrooms where you may not be able to diffuse or is wonderful as a diffuser recipe to naturally cleanse the air that I particularly like in the kitchen and living room.

If you want to keep it even simpler or perhaps you're not really a DIY fan doTERRA now has the abode line of cleaning solutions including laundry and dishwasher tabs, hand soap & lotion, counter spray and dish liquid in gorgeous amber bottles with re-fill bottles available.

Do you need more recipes and insights into low tox living? Join me for a class or ask me for my Spring Cleaning sampler package.

Green cleaning brought me to essential oils over 27 yrs ago as I prepared for the birth of my daughter. What's your favorite DIY recipe in the home?

I hope you have fun discovering new ways to use your essential oils this Spring!

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