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5 Life Hacks Using Your doTERRA Starter Kit

Oh friend - you have no idea how fun oils are. The more you crack open that bottle, the more you will experience the life changing power that this plant medicine has. You likely have already figured out that peppermint is amazing to wake you and lavender is all things calming, but I have some fun, out of the box life hacks to share that you will want to try! You can do all of these hacks using only your dōTERRA starter kit!

1. De-gunk sticky residues using Lemon! This tasty oil is a powerful cleanser for the home and the inside of our bodies. However, it is also the oil I reach for most when I encounter sticky residue. Lemon can remove gum (even in hair) sticky price tags, paint on the skin and grease covered hands. This is the best oil for a mechanic or someone who works on machines all day!

2. Remove stains with On Guard. On Guard is our go to for immune support and prevention, but in our house, you can always find a bottle in the laundry room too. A drop of on guard is amazing for stains, specifically blood. Apply a drop straight from the bottle to the stain (even if it is old or already dried on) and soak in super cold water for a few hours. I add ice as well to get the water extra cold. This has saved our white sheets countless times as our kids are prone to bloody noses in the winter.

3. Use Lavender to soothe burns. Lavender is gentle, calming and known for supporting good sleep. However, this is an oil I always want to have on hand when we are cooking. Lavender will soothe a burn in seconds, reducing redness, preventing a blister, and best of all, it relieves the pain almost immediately. You can drop the oil directly on the burn and apply as often as needed. This is ideal when you can’t keep your aloe plant alive. It’s more effective too!

4. Use Oregano to remove planters warts and skin tags. Oregano is known as Nature’s Antibiotic, so we save this powerhouse for colds, flu, aches, etc. But besides that (this might be my favorite life hack, because I am addicted to results), Oregano is effective at removing planters warts and skin tags. I hope that blows your mind! For skin tags - remember that oregano is HOT and you do not want to rub it all over your skin. I recommend using a toothpick, touching the tip in the bottle and then touching just the skin tag with the toothpick - not the skin around it. I have seen this work as fast as a few hours and as long as 10 days. Apply twice a day. Planters warts are on the bottoms of the feet and black in color. They can be painful. Using the tip of your finger, apply the oregano directly to the wart, twice a day, optimally. This can take up to 30 days to dry up and fall off, but it saves you a trip to the doctor, traumatic methods of removal and boosts your immune system at the same time.

5. Acne Hack: Life Hack number 5 uses two of the starter kit oils, frankincense and tea tree. These oils have a vast variety of uses, but clearing up problematic skin is one that people thank me for over and over. Acne can be brutal at any age, and having oils to reduce redness, inflammation, scarring and healing time can be a game changer. Apply a drop of melaleuca and a drop of frankincense directly on the area of concern. This will work if the blemish is below the surface or has already presented and now needs to heal.

Bonus tip! If you or your partner snore - use your Easy Air ™ oil diluted with carrier oil and apply right under your nostrils and on the bridge of your nose before bed. This blend opens airways and supports clear breathing and in turn, supports great sleep.

You’re welcome!

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