Plants are a vast wealth of natural magic,

treasure troves of botanical healing.  The

amazing, potent benefits of the natural world

are captured for our benefit in essential oils. 


Essential oils are the literal distilled essence of

plants, that's why they are called essential

They come from the roots, bark, leaves, and

flowers of plants.  Essential oils are aromatic

compounds of plants and have been used for centuries by all cultures around the world. 


They are extremely potent and effective.  

potent and effective graphic.jpg

Essential oils are also 50-70 x more powerful
than even herbs so you can avoid toxic
chemicals, additives, and synthetics and go
straight to the plant source with oils. 

The power and potency of essential oils comes from their purity. I will only ever use doTERRA essential oils for a few important reasons that will also be important to you ...

Assured Purity and Consistency of every oil 

Global Stewardship & Sourcing Transparency

Long-term, Sustainable, Fair, Empowering Economic Practices 



doTERRA has exclusivity of over 90% of their essential oils so you could only find this quality with doTERRA.  We source our oils from their natural habitats in over 40 countries around the world, 2/3 of which originate in developing nations meaning we are able to impact farmers and local economies directly and sustainably

Without this Co-Impact sourcing model, farmers could only sell their plant material or unrefined oils through third party brokers who often paid a fraction of the worth of the crop forcing farmers to often harvest early or have unsustainable practices just to scrape a living from their crop.

This means that plants can be harvested at their most potent time in the season and time of day , are planted in conditions with optimal amounts of sun and rain and with other plants for proper pollenation and natural pest-control. 


doTERRA also insists on over 40 tests verified and published by third parties to ensure consistent, pure essential oils so I know when I'm using my oils and working with families that each bottle of oil they use is the same as the next.  Look at the bottom of your bottom to link to all testing results. 

Because of these important differences, doTERRA essential oils can be used for health benefits aromatically, topically, and internally if you choose.

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Let's put all this together in this fun Essential Oils Made Easy Class.  Grab your sampler package, a tea, and this class handout for an experiential learning opportunity!  If you need some help selecting oils to meet your needs or you'd rather book a private consultation,  click here to direct message me and let's book a time .  

You're ready to get started?  Let me show you some of my favorite starter kits