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a little about me 

I'm a mom and fur-baby mama who loves flowers and the sea.  I work with people who are ready to create extraordinary lives.  Professionally, I'm a Certified Essential Oil Specialist, former Exercise Physiologist and yoga teacher and studio owner.  I love music from the 80's and making malas that resonate with beauty and meaning.  I believe there is always hope. I've used essential oils for over 25 years and dōTERRA essential oils have brought me deeper levels of peace and hope for my future and the future of the planet than I could ever have imagined.  I want the same for you.   

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“Fran introduced me to Serenity softgels, my dream in a bottle.  After only 2 months of simply enjoying my new essentials oils and supplements, I'm sleeping better, have more energy, my allergies are a distant memory, and I noticed a deeper glow to my skin and lustre to my hair. 

Thank you for taking time with me, Fran!  

— Breanna Brower, Eastlink 

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“I selected 2 people to recognize for going above and beyond for me in 2018 - you are one them! Thank you so much for believing in me from day 1 and for always making yourself available so I could pick your brain ... You are a mentor, friend, and inspiration”

— Chaya Gratto,

Soul Shaman Healing

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